Our Services

Customer experience is important to us. Our team understands the importance of meeting every customer’s need satisfactorily. We offer a wide range of repair and troubleshooting services for your convenience.

We also sell affordable certified refurbished workstations, laptops and desktops. If you need a good computer from the following brands- Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo, we have a range of products that will interest you. Buying from us comes with the confidence in knowing that we are proficient in PC repairs and we have carefully checked all the laptops and desktops we sell.

Our PC/laptop repairs services include:

Spyware and Virus Removal

Spyware and Viruses are one of the risks of surfing the internet without an adequate cyber protection. We have seen cases where this spyware and viruses override the security provided by installed antivirus software. This can compromise your system, limiting certain functions. Your privacy could also be compromised. We have secure tools that can be used to clean your system, eliminating all traces of viruses or spyware. Your system will run smoothly, and you will be safer online when we are done with our work because we will install reliable antivirus and anti-spyware software on your system.

Software Installation

Our systems basically run on software. To get the best out of your PC/laptop, you need to install the latest, secure and advanced software. Good software speeds up your PC experience because they run smoothly and they are also protected against the latest versions of bugs and spyware. We will update and manage your commonly used software to keep your system running smoothly.

Network and Security Setup

Setting up your network and security might be complex for PC users who are not familiar with this process. Our IT technicians will set up your systems, you don’t have to take them out of your home, and we will work tirelessly to get your systems running perfectly.

PC Performance

PCs are built to perform a wide range of actions. They are present in many homes and PCs have actually become a part of our lives. We depend on our PCs to perform important tasks, surf the internet, send and receive emails, watch videos and to stay current with everything that is going on around us. It is important that your PCs are always running smoothly. Our services have been designed to reduce the downtimes of your PCs. We will remotely schedule regular tune-up processes to ensure that your PCs are always running smoothly.

Server Maintenance and Repairs

We work with a comprehensive server maintenance checklist to ensure that your servers are working perfectly. In cases where we need to carry out repairs, out IT technicians are always available to perform onsite inspections to know what kind of repairs need to be done. Our goal is to ensure that we always promptly respond to every request made by our clients. It is important to our team that we maintain a reputation for quick response and proficiency in handling a wide range of technical issues related to IT and computers.


In over 12 years we have established a unique system that is suitable for all your IT related needs. Are you planning to buy a desktop, laptop or other peripherals? Or do you need to set up a server in your home or office? We have all the answers you need for any of these needs. We will discuss with you to know your expectations, and we will proffer the best solutions that will adequately meet your needs.

Our consultancy services include on request site inspections and a critical analysis of your needs. Do you need to set up a networking system in your offices? We will take away the burden from you. We will design a reliable networking system that will meet all your IT needs. We will also manage this system for you to ensure that you enjoy all the amazing functionalities of the system you have chosen to set up in your office or residential home. Our consultancy services are not limited to any particular project. We handle all your queries, and we provide all the answers you need for major and minor projects. Call us today for a free quote for your office or residential IT needs. Our quotes are created to avoid unnecessary expenses because we only consider what you need to meet your IT requirements.