Do you need a desktop or a laptop?

We sell refurbished laptops and desktops from brands not limited to brands such as Apple, Dell and Hp. These systems are in excellent condition. And they are affordable; you can trust a computer bought from IT technicians who are masters at repairing computers.

Our Certified Refurbished Products

We test and certify all our leading brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo to mention a few. Supply is subject to availability and is guaranteed once full payment is received for your product choice.

What are the advantages of Refurbished Units?

We noticed how good these systems actually are and that is why we have gone into the business of selling refurbished computer systems. The following are the advantages of buying refurbished systems from us.

  • They have been tuned-up and tested by experienced certified IT technicians.

  • You will hardly experience any issues with these systems because they have been carefully assessed.

  • High-end models sold at affordable prices.

  • They are affordable (many of these systems are sold at remarkably lower prices than the brand new models).

  • We use original replacement(OEM) parts in instances where faulty parts are needed to be replaced.

  • Long term guarantee, since original replacement parts have been used, you will use these systems for a very long time.