About Us

Blutek Solutions, is a progressive company located in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide effective consulting, computer and peripheral services support throughout the Metrolina area; serving consumers, small Business and Industry. We provide a broad array of services including but not limited to PC, laptops and server problems. Our company has been in existence for over 12 years, and in this time, we have harnessed our scope of troubleshooting and resolving client issues quickly, effectively and securely. We offer remote control services that quickly and safely connect to a client’s device to assist in resolving issues in real-time – saving you time, money, and headaches. We also provides onsite assistance to resolve PC/laptop, server and network issues at the request of our clients.

How it works

Our support services are rendered through a remote support system. Give us a call immediately you experience any difficulty in using your PCs. Our online IT support technicians will speak with you to know the nature of the problem you are contending with. We will initiate a remote session to log onto your PC/laptop, and we proceed with a comprehensive troubleshooting process to identify the problem (this is a transparent process, and you will see what is being done on your computer screen). The rest is easy; we will use our resources to get your PC/laptop running smoothly again. Once the session is over, the remote connection is terminated, and we will have no further access to your PC/laptop. If there is a need for further checks to be made, we will send you a request; you will grant this request by sending us a code securely generated by ONLY you. It is only when we receive this access code from you that we can regain access to fix your PC/laptop. Logging onto your system without your permission is impossible.

What we do differently

We have developed a system that makes it possible to respond to all distress calls and queries within a few minutes. This saves you time. Our IT technicians will promptly speak with you before initiating a remote analysis of your system. The calls are to diagnose the problem; we will get an idea of what you are contending with from your description of faults or error messages.

You can depend on our skills to resolve your PC/laptop problems quickly. We have ensured the quality of our services is excellent at all times; many people cannot afford to have their PCs or laptops not working. We have the resources to fix your PC problems quickly.

Personalized Assistance

Take advantage of our customized service. Our IT technicians will remotely attend to your PC/laptop problems directly. No long queues or wait lines. Your PC issues will be addressed immediately you initiate the remote service call. We have also made it possible for you to make changes to your service request options during the phone call.